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Season 2008 [Sep. 17th, 2008|09:01 pm]
Okay wow, so... there has been no post here for a long time.

9th in 2008, pretty damn gud. Best of the worst teams! :P
Richo made All-Australian (interchange) and Deledio won the Army Award.
Jack Dyer medal going on at the moment too... Richo winning atm.

Yay for 2009...



[User Picture]From: dignity84
2008-09-17 10:16 pm (UTC)


I dont have any of my Richmond icons uploaded so i have a soccer one instead!

Just wanted to say Favourite picture of Deledio ever!! His arms... I cant go on i'll get distracted.

Two awards in one week, i am presuming you know he won the Jack Dyer too.

PS i have rambled a lot in my first comment sorry... Thanks for the add.. I added you back!!
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From: aditron
2009-01-10 01:56 pm (UTC)

Re: HI!!

Yayyyyyyyy, lol.
I can't wait for AFL season to start!
Yay for being LJ friends, I don't have many.
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[User Picture]From: dignity84
2009-01-11 12:14 am (UTC)

Re: HI!!

its like 75 days or something... im only kind of counting, lol.
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